Sanding and Helpers

Start of the sanding stage showing a contrast in the dark sanded areas and the unsanded areas. The initial sanding was done by machine but most of it was done by hand. I had help from a number of people with the sanding process which I am very grateful for. So, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Andrew, Albert, Bojanna and Willy for all your sanding.

Albert hard at work.



Carving the stalk for the single cherry from a separate stone.

Bolts/dowels inserted into stalk to attach it to the main cherry

A heath-robinson set up to lift and support stone stalk and keep the join tight while the stone glue is setting. Dog posing!!

Moment of truth, supports removed and glue set and it stays on!!!

Further shaping and grinding of the stalk.

The cherries rolled forward to grind the underside (19th May).

Grinding done, now on to the final stages – sanding and polishing. The home straight!! Mind you, there will still need to be alot of time required to be spent on detailing/adjusting/finishing.

The shape of the Cherries is finally more or less completed. Now,  it is time to smooth the surface down by grinding, then I will start the sanding process.

5th May 2010

The wild cherry trees are laden with blossom the year. Three fruiting cherry trees will be planted around the sculpture and a number of wild cherry trees will also be planted  in the hedgerow nearby (along with other trees – Rowan, apple, damson etc). This photo is of a wild cherry tree at home planted about 5 years ago.