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Enforced Break

I am an Engineering Geologist when not sculpting. Unfortunately (or fortunately in this current economic climate) I had to do some engineering geology work. I was away in North Devon, SW England, supervising a ground investigation for a Wind Farm. So, I spent 5 weeks (should have been 4 weeks, but  of course it overran) freezing on top of a hill, north of Barnstaple rather than freezing in a barn in Ballymurphy working away at my sculpture!

I arrived back at it in the 11th of March,  the pressure is now really on to complete the sculpture on programme.  The stone hadn’t changed while I was away!!

31st January 2010                                         11th March 2010


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side                                                         back

front                                                                                   side

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So, I finally set forth on the twin cherries.  Roughing it out by ribbing it with the angle grinder and knocking off the ribs with a hammer.

side                                                     back

front                                                                                       side

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