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I have been putting off starting the twin cherries, but with the thaw, I finally started marking up the large stone with grid lines and drawing on the twin cherries

Side                                       Back

Front                                                                                                 Side



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Working late on the snowy 8th January. I stayed over, as I had walked to the yard from home and the roads were still very bad. My late working was rewarded for with a great beef and Guinness stew and more Guinness after a short walk across the snow covered fields along the mass path to the pub at Ballymurphy.

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Winter wonderland in the morning.

Late afternoon light

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It was very cold again on the morning of Wednesday 6th January and then it started snowing around lunchtime. I carried on working not realizing how heavy the snow was. By the time I stopped and packed up, I couldn’t get up the hill and out of the yard Iwas working. I had to walk home in the end (1.75hours)!

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The Big Freeze

I started back to the sculpture after a good break for Christmas and New Year on the 4th January 2010. It was very cold!!! On Tuesday (5th jan) I was greeted with a sprinkling of snow on the ground and -12 degrees C the night before.

Cold cold ground!

Rolling the stone around!

The base

Wintery light on the Blackstairs

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21 December 09

Last day working before the Christmas break.

The day before I was lent a brillant jack (a lorry jack) by a friend and we rolled the stone over to work on the other side.

taking off the corners.

A veiw of the Blackstairs Mountain in the afternoon.

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08 December 09

Start of the day

End of the day

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